Our Story

When “Fill In The Brand’s” CEO Andrew Bryan Met Chris Greenman, a SEO and digital marketing expert from the west coast,  the sole intention was to learn what Greenman did, and replace Greenman for his New York client’s behalf.  This was simply to replace a vendor 4000 miles away with a local New York vendor.  The problem arose when Greenman and Bryan’s integrity and ethics matched blow for blow and Bryan decided, why replace this guy when he wanted to have him on his side in order to better serve both the client at hand and other clients as well.

Chris Greenman, a decorated SEO expert, had a similar issue with Bryan. Greenman being a very hands on person, starting designing websites a few years back because he believed it was less hassle and better served his clients base.  Until meeting Bryan that is, Greenman has now taking a backseat to the design phase and as he explains, “I leave that to the experts, which is why I partnered with Andrew Bryan.”chris Greenman and andrew bryan

Bryan and Greenman hit it off from the start, realizing that the vision they shared for how things should work was a quality a trusted business relationship could be built on. This has become the very foundation of their strategic partnershipGreenman and Bryan both agreed that they could better serve both of their clients together as a team, by utilizing their expertise in a field that grows more complex and necessary for today’s business’.

Bryan explains, “a professional designer and an SEO expert can be compared to simply physician specialties, lets face it, a general internal medicine doctor can do many thing specialist can do but if I need to have heart surgery I am going to go with the heart surgeon.  What we do and the teams we lead are no different.  We handle our respective specialties and assign things that fall outside it to staff that have an expertise in the area we need.  My specialty is in media, video, and design, and Chris’ is obvious SEO, the guy freaking consults for major casino’s and Experian, and I can go on but it just makes sense that he leads our clients seo efforts.”



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