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SEO in 12 Seconds Explained By Chris Greenman

chris greenman seo expert

chris greenman seo expert

In 1995,The Founder of, Chris Greenman, began doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), before the world even knew what it was. Greenman has become an industry leader in SEO strategies and is called upon often to manage complex SEO projects. In the first quarter of 2014 Greenman finished a SEO senior strategist assignment with one of the nations top SEO companies.  Greenman vacated the position because of ethical differences and has since joined with “Fill In the Brand’s” Andrew Bryan to form a consulting partnership in BrandU.


Greenman hspiceeasyas consulted for a whose who list of of clients from UFC Hall of Famer “Randy Couture,” Major Oil and Coal Company’s, to serving extended contracts with credit giant Experian, MGM, Brandt Beef, and his team currently overseas 7 major accounts with recognizable worldwide brands. Greenman is a marketing natural that has transitioned with flying colors to the internet.


He began testing Google in 1995 while working as a Police Officer in the Northern California Bay Area. Retiring due to an officer involved car accident as an “honorary SFPD member” for outstanding police service, Chris Greenman has led marketing efforts with a track record of success. In fact, recently Greenman Consulting received honors from World Recognized Journalism Reviews for his coveted – IJR NEWS which he launched in 2009 and sold in 2014. Greenman launched the first MMA social network with Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell in MMAJACKED and after a USO tour, parted ways with UFC legend on a business level.


Greenman holding various college degrees felt being a police officer was short term step with understanding populations of diversity and observing and interacting with their trends. After five years of a specialized police unit, The Tenderloin Task Force, Greenman began his shift in career and partnered with some mortgage mentors.  His first professional marketing strategy was advertising, or marketing to The Police Officer Association (POA) very own newspaper, and came up with the now famous slogan “Have one of your own do your loan.” Greenman found that within months he had more loan business then he could handle, and decided to switch professions following a devastating car accident while performing his police duties.

Continuing in his passion for real estate, Chris Greenman decided to open Christopher Ross & Associates, an eventual Tri-Valley leader in Real Estate.  In fact , Greenman’s Real Estate company rose to the top quickly with his name branding and association with Hummers in all of his media outlets that ranged from TV to internet.  He would write blogs and put his real estate companies name strategically inside the blogs.  After continuous blog entries and writing unique content in the blogs,he quickly discovered his business was increasing from internet traffic tremendously.  At that point he decided to quit listening to webmaster’s advice and simply learn the web world himself.

With over 100 website builds later, Greenman is now a recognized marketing and digital media icon and has served as a guest speaker on many SEO topics to companies and students seeking his in-depth knowledge. With his top YouTube channel hitting 2 million real views in 2013, his craft for delivering sound content has taking notice and has stood time even with Google’s ever changing updates. Although Brandu will always outsource the most efficient website duties to those that are the best at their niche, Chris Greenman oversees every consulting contract from start to finish and often will do most of the jobs himself.

Greenman’s recognizable quote and one that is often repeated is, “My boss once told me, “Chris I can not measure your efforts, only your results.  In fact, in the real world and in business, efforts can’t be measured at all, this is not little league soccer where a pat on the back for trying is enough.”  Chris has cherished this business advice and uses it to every client he has by delivering results, not efforts. At BrandU, Our Internet marketing experts in various aspects and are results driven. We know the right traffic to send you and how to get it.  If your business is getting the traffic, exposure, or the orders needed, we know we will get more of your business, and we hope you will refer us to friends and family.


Andrew Bryan

About-Page21is the Creative Director & Founder of the Creative Marketing Agency, Fill in the Brand Inc. This company exists to build stronger brands plain and simple. He believes that where we are in terms of technology and communication we can no longer afford to ignore certain responsibilities as business owners. While Fill in the Brand specializes in the small to medium sized business markets, they’ve had the opportunity to do a number of projects with bigger name clients through their white-label-agency-initiative. Working with other agencies was something that couldn’t be ignored as Bryan discovered, “Many agencies are out there looking for these specialty marketing services that they just don’t offer in-house, so to make our services available to them so they can deliver a quality product to their own clients is something we’ve never ignored.” Another niche market Fill in the Brand specializes in is Personal Brands, which covers any individual looking to build their image. This category of clients consists of Doctors, Musicians, Photographers, Lawyers, Makeup Artists, to 15 year old prodigy’s like this guy right here. (link to Bryan has been building this business now for almost 10 years in New York. When Bryan talks about how it all began he explains, “In Mind Marketing was the very first DBA License I had when I decided to market myself and the services I offered. That is what I consider to be the baby version of Fill in the Brand and what it would eventually become. Fill in the Brand has a unique position as their role can vary from client to client, but the range of what is offered is best explained in terms of how much or how little involvement they can have in their clients marketing strategies. This range goes from Fill in the Brand playing the role of a marketing department, coming in there with a stakeholder mentality and becoming a true extension of the business, to providing ala carte services to clients which can be anything from Professional Photography, High End Video Production, Creative Design, or any of the elements that fall under the umbrella of New Media.

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